Sunday Night – Rural Sports

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Sunday Night – Rural Sports

Sunday nights are a great night for young and old and get the whole family together. The range of rural sports is exciting and educational for all.

  • 7.30pm Pro Bull 2017
  • 8.30pm Sporting Dog Adventures
  • 9.00pm Fishing in New England
  • 9.30pm Tractor Pulling 2017
  • 10.00pm Ifish

Pro Bull 2017

Sundays at 7.30pm

Pro Bull is one of the toughest sports on dirt: An 8-second contest of strength, balance and endurance between the world’s best bull riders and the strongest bulls! The combination of intense sports action and world-class production can’t be rivaled by any other major league sport.

Sporting Dog Adventures

Sundays at 8.30pm

Sporting Dog Adventures provides entertainment for the whole family. When not hunting, the entire Fuller family can be found food plotting or fishing!

Fishing in New England

Sundays at 9.00pm

Join host Tom Richardson each week as he travels New England in search of the region’s best salt- and freshwater fishing destinations and chases its many species.

Tractor Pulling 2017

Sundays at 9.30pm

Tractor Pulling is known as the world’s most powerful motorsport featuring the top drivers & events from across the US.


Sundays at 10.00pm

Paul is at Borumba Dam, in the spectacular hinterland of QLD’s, Sunshine Coast.