Sunday Night – Rural Sports

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Sunday Night – Rural Sports

Sunday nights are a great night for young and old and get the whole family together. The range of rural sports is exciting and educational for all.

  • 7.30pm Pro Bull 2018
  • 8.30pm Sport Fishing on the Fly
  • 9.00pm Racer’s Edge
  • 9.30pm Tractor Pulling 2018
  • 10.00pm Canada in the Rough

Pro Bull 2018

Sundays at 7.30pm

Pro Bull is one of the toughest sports on dirt: An 8-second contest of strength, balance and endurance between the world’s best bull riders and the strongest bulls! The combination of intense sports action and world-class production can’t be rivaled by any other major league sport.

Sport Fishing on the Fly – Season 2

Sundays at 8.30pm

Filmed on the pristine rivers and lakes of western Canada and surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and spectacular wildlife, Don shares experiences, tips and tricks.

Racer’s Edge

Sundays at 9.00pm

Racer’s Edge is a variety show which gives viewers a unique insight to life around the love of running horses and barrel racing. Barrel racing isn’t just a sport – it’s choosing to live a life full of passion, dedication and emotion.

Tractor Pulling 2018

Sundays at 9.30pm

Tractor Pulling is known as the world’s most powerful motorsport featuring the top drivers & events from across the US.


Canada in the Rough

Sundays at 10.00pm

Kevin Beasley is in Nunavut hunting Central Barren Ground Caribou. With the migration in full swing Kevin stalks through the wide-open tundra to get into shooting range without being seen.