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America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland is telling the story of farmers and ranchers across the US. Learn about the generous earth and the people and processes that bring a rich bounty that feeds, fuels and clothes people in the US and around the world.



S11, Episode 4 – Monday, 27 February / 9.30pm

A California Farmer shows you how mushroom kits make it possible to raise exotic fungi at home. Sarah Gardner visits a New Mexico town where a large segment of an entire community is getting a start in agriculture. Native Americans in Minnesota harvest wild rice in a time honored way. Jason Shoultz takes us to Mississippi where America’s rural traditions are captured in the blues.


S11, Episode 5 – Monday, 6 March / 9.30pm

It’s a “Big Apple” farm story at a very special orchard in New York. Sarah Gardner introduces us to an Ohio farm family taking a “global approach” to marketing their products overseas. Sharon Profis delivers the recipe for a flavorful carrot soup. And Rob Stewart meets a young man reestablishing a historic crop on his Virginia farm.


S11, Episode 6 – Monday, 13 March / 9.30pm

Rob Stewart visits an Arkansas farm where technology is helping keep down costs for consumers. Jason Shoultz meets a Georgia peanut farmer with a local peanut delicacy. Sarah Gardner heads to Tennessee for the annual “Mule Days.” And then, handle with care, one Arizona family is all about raising cactus.


S11, Episode 7 – Monday, 20 March / 9.30pm

Jason Shoultz travels to California’s central valley where one long time farm family has found success with sweet potato spirits. An Iowa farmer turns his cornfields into vineyards to create his own special wine. A candied orange salad is the feature in the “Farm to Fork” segment. And Wisconsin’s Sassy Cow Creamery turns out unique kinds of cheese and ice cream.


S11, Episode 8 – Monday, 27 March / 9.30pm

Jason Shoultz visits an Oregon farm growing acres and acres of colorful tulips. Bright blue is the color of success for a blueberry farm in Florida. Rob Stewart visits a Louisiana laboratory researching ways to protect America’s Honeybees. And travel back in time as a Pennsylvania man works to save historic barns.


S11, Episode 9 – Monday, 3 April / 9.30pm

Rob Stewart joins city folks in a great escape to the country to learn more about farm stays or, what some people call, “Haycations.” Artists make their way to a Nebraska art farm to gain inspiration in a rural landscape. Sarah Gardner travels to Wisconsin where the Crave Brothers Dairy turns cow manure into electrical energy. Sharon Profis is in the kitchen with a special recipe for Mushroom Pasta.


S11, Episode 10 – Monday, 10 April / 9.30pm

Taking part in a cattle drive is the dream of cowboy and cowgirl enthusiasts everywhere! Jason Shoultz joins the Cox and Heaton ranch families in Utah as they spend days in the saddle to move their herd from winter pasture to summer grazing lands.


S11, Episode 11 – Monday, 17 April / 9.30pm

Jason Shoultz visits a farm school in Colorado helping Armed Forces veterans to find new careers in Agriculture. Rob Stewart takes you to Kentucky where students are learning old world skills and modern techniques in becoming blacksmiths. Sharon Profis has a special peaches recipe in the “Farm to Fork” segment. Sarah Gardner highlights a California program helping students consider careers in agriculture.


S11, Episode 12 – Monday, 24 April / 9.30pm

Rob Stewart saddles up for a trip to California’s High Country where wild mustangs run free on land set aside to protect them. Sarah Gardner finds a South Dakota farm family counting on new technologies to deliver wheat to consumers. Jason Shoultz reports on efforts in Kansas to save historic prairie lands. And California winemakers take steps to insure sustainability and work to protect water and air quality.