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America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland is telling the story of farmers and ranchers across the US. Learn about the generous earth and the people and processes that bring a rich bounty that feeds, fuels and clothes people in the US and around the world.



Episode Guide – Season 11

Episode 12 – Monday, 24 April / 9.30pm

Rob Stewart saddles up for a trip to California’s High Country where wild mustangs run free on land set aside to protect them. Sarah Gardner finds a South Dakota farm family counting on new technologies to deliver wheat to consumers. Jason Shoultz reports on efforts in Kansas to save historic prairie lands. And California winemakers take steps to insure sustainability and work to protect water and air quality.


Episode 13 – Monday, 1 May / 9.30pm

In this episode we will join those working the land with historic farm equipment and mule driven harvesters and meet musician Rodney Dillard who came to fame on the Andy Griffith Show and is now returning to his farming roots. Reporter Akiba Howard spends time with singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey in his salute to America’s farmers and ranchers.


Episode 14 – Monday, 8 May / 9.30pm

Saddle up for a cattle roundup-this time in Florida as we meet a successful woman rancher whose work centers on cattle and conservation. Discover beginning farmers in Oregon taking an “Old School” approach to working the land by using draft horses. Sarah Gardner introduces us to a California farm family who says the unforgiving landscape of the desert is just right for raising dates. Farm products like wheat, barley, and rice go into beer making. We’ll take you to Oregon where hops are also an essential ingredient in making special brews at a very special brewery.


Episode 15 – Monday, 15 May / 9.30pm

Soybeans touch every aspect of our daily lives from the food we eat to items that we use at home, school, and the office. We will visit an Illinois farm family that also sees soybeans as important to America’s image overseas. Come along to a New England farm dating back before the American Revolution. Then we will take you to northern California where one family’s farming future began with a scenic drive in the country.


Episode 16 – Monday, 22 May / 9.30pm

Today’s episode of America’s Heartland features a mobile dairy classroom teaching all about dairy- thanks to a traveling cow and calf. Rob Stewart takes us to Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts where maple syrup is made in a time-honored way and travel to Florida where special bees are the secret to sweet Tupelo Honey.


Episode 17 – Monday, 29 May / 9.30pm

We are going down south for a Georgia watermelon harvest and head to California to meet a ranching family whose land is focused on cattle and conservation. Sharon Profis dishes up a special way to serve “greens” with a unique spinach recipe. Sarah Gardner finds herself wrestling some very active animals at a Tennessee sheep shearing school.