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Equestrian Performance Tuesdays

Country TV is the ultimate resource for equestrians, airing show coverage alongside lifestyle programmes that highlight the love of horses and equestrian sports.

Country TV’s Equestrian Performance Tuesday is proudly brought to you by: 

Mitavite NZ Premier League Showjumping Series

Enjoy the best show jump riders, horses and courses nationwide, as we present you highlights from each event featuring up to for classes per show. See the screening times as per schedule below:



Part 1 & Part 2: 9 May / 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Part 3: 16 May / 9.30pm

The annual Horse Of The Year show is New Zealand’s premier equestrian competition, featuring a range of horse and rider competitions from multiple disciplines. With over 1400 riders and 1800 horses competing for lucrative titles and prize money, the show is a feature on most equestrian calendars. Exclusive to Country TV, featured highlights from some of the bigger events, including the Silver Fern Stakes, Pony Of The year, Olympic Cup and Dressage.



The FEI Nations Cup™ series is equestrian sport’s oldest and most prestigious team challenge, with national teams from around the globe competing for one of the most coveted prizes in this Olympic discipline.

The series aims to unite nations and foster lifelong enthusiasm for the world of horses. Its global format means that more countries can host qualifiers at world-class venues and aim to win the FEI Nations Cup™ title by acquiring qualifying points according to their placings.

Jumping in Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

4 April / 9.30pm

Level CSIO 5*, Division: Middle East


Jumping in Ocala, Florida (USA)

11 April / 8.30pm

Level CSIO 4*, Division: North and Central America & Caribbean


Jumping in Lummen (BEL)

9 May / 7.30pm

Level CSIO 5*, Division: Europe Division 1


Jumping in La Baule (FRA)

23 May / 7.30pm

Level CSIO 5*, Division: Europe Division 1




Sometimes described as the equestrian triathlon, the Olympic Discipline of Eventing combines Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping and competing requires bravery, precision and experience on the part of the riders and horses.

The FEI Classics™ are the annual pinnacle of this stunning equestrian Discipline. The unique and very successful concept of the FEI Classics™ unites the six toplevel events of the international Eventing calendar to make for a thrilling and hotly contested series on a global platform.



Kentucky (USA)

16 May / 7.30pm


Badminton Horse Trials (GBR)

16 May / 8.30pm