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Our Programme

Broadcast on SKY channel 081, Country TV is New Zealand’s home of authentic rural television, dedicated to providing interesting and relevant information and entertainment to New Zealand farmers as well as the rural and equestrian communities. To see our programme go to:

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Country TV Theme Nights

Country TV’s peak hours between 7.30pm and 10.30pm throughout the week are themed to offer our viewers relevant content that caters to their specific needs.

Tune in and enjoy a rich selection of the very best in equestrian, farming, rural lifestyle, cooking, gardening fishing & hunting and the serious issues facing the agri-business sector both in New Zealand and around the globe. Country TV has its own rural News and Weather show called “The Daily Report” hosted by Mark Leishman that provides the only comprehensive rural news and weather service available. Tune in for The Daily Report Monday to Friday at 7.00pm!

With programming that offers such a diverse experience, Country TV offers entertainment and education for every member of the family!

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