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By Dr Nic Gill

Take control of your health and wellbeing with the book that was written with you in mind.

“This book gives you the knowledge you need to build your own personal health and fitness plan – one that works with the life you lead. So run, jump or dive right in, and find out how to become your own health guru.”

Health Your Self is a practical, fresh-thinking health guide from the All Blacks’ strength and conditioning coach, Dr Nic Gill.

In this timely response to troubling health trends and the overwhelming demands of our ever-busy lives, Nic tackles many of the missteps and misconceptions we encounter in an average day, offering empowering advice, health hacks, case studies, real-life stories, exercises and  recipes

Incorporating a ton of health, nutrition and scientific know-how, Health Your Self ditches fads and instead provides common-sense and practical solutions. It’s a book that myth-busts, motivates and will get you moving.

Health Your Self makes achieving a healthier, happier life just that little bit easier.

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