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By Ivor Wilkins

A stunning tribute to aviation in New Zealand – a celebration of our planes and people.

New Zealand has long held a passion for its aviation history – the bravado, ingenuity and trailblazing spirit says a lot about who we are. Classic Planes celebrates that legacy, from the first fledgling beginnings to the present day.

With eloquence and colour, bestselling author Ivor Wilkins ­traces the story of planes in New Zealand, beginning with the exploits of Richard Pearse and shining a light on other local pioneers, Jean Batten and Tim Wallis among them. He also examines the machines from bygone eras, celebrating those who lovingly restore planes in the modern day, and revels in our ongoing love affair with winged wonders. Tiger moths and taperwings comingle with staggerwings, spitfires, mosquitoes and Mustangs, all figures of our airborne past.

In Classic Planes, breathtaking new photography is complemented by archival imagery, revealing a truly special and important celebration of planes and people.





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