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How do I sign up?

Click on the Live TV/On Demand tab, then click on the Subscribe button and follow the instructions to set up your account.


Once I’ve set up my account, how do I access Country TV Live and Video On Demand?

When you have paid your first month subscription fee during the setup process, you will automatically taken to the Country TV login page.  You will also receive an email containing a link to the login page.  We suggest you save this page as a favourite in your internet browser for easy access.  You can then login using the email address and password selected during the sign up process.

There is also a button for Existing Customer Login on the Live TV/On Demand page of the website.


I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Click on the Forgotten Password link on the login screen to receive an email containing a link to reset your password.


How do I update my account details?

Visit https://countrytv.myoasis.co and click on Edit Profile in the Customer Information box


How do I update my credit card?

You can update your credit card by visiting https://countrytv.myoasis.co and clicking on Remove Credit Card in the Account Information box.  You can then load your new credit card by clicking on Setup Direct Debit. 


What happens if my credit card declines during the monthly billing cycle?

You will see an outstanding balance in your Account Information box, and to make the payment and reinstate your access, just click on Pay Now.


Who sees my information? Do you share it with anyone?

Please read our Privacy Policy here.


Is my information safe?

Please read our Privacy Policy here.


How does Country TV billing work?

Your first subscription period starts when:

  • you create your Account, or if your Account commences with a free trial period, immediately after expiry of your free trial period; and
  • we charge the first monthly Subscription Fee to your Credit Card,

and continues to the end of the first full calendar month following the start date.

We do not currently charge for part periods which means that if you sign up part way through a month, the remainder of the current month is complimentary.

After the first subscription period, subscriptions run on a calendar month basis.  On the 1st day of each month after the first subscription period, we will automatically renew your monthly subscription and charge your Credit Card the monthly Subscription Fee, unless and until you cancel your Subscription.

Subscription Fees are GST inclusive.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your Subscription at any time by visiting https://countrytv.myoasis.co and clicking the link to remove your credit card details.  If your Subscription commenced with a free trial and you cancel your Subscription during the free trial period, cancellation is effective immediately and your access to the Country TV Online Service will be disconnected immediately.  If your Subscription did not commence with a free trial or you cancel your Subscription at any time after the end of your free trial, cancellation is effective at the end of the current monthly subscription period and your access to the Country TV Online Service will be disconnected with effect from the end of the current subscription month.  You will not receive a refund of any fees or other amounts already paid to us when you cancel.


How can I get a tax invoice/payment receipt?

Your invoice for the first full calendar month following sign up will be emailed to you immediately after sign up, and a monthly invoice will be emailed to you on the 1st of each new calendar month after your first full month unless your subscription has been cancelled.

If you require a copy of your invoice or payment receipt, visit https://countrytv.myoasis.co  and click on the Statement tab.  Your invoices will be listed here, and can viewed, printed or emailed.


How do I find my account number?

Visit https://countrytv.myoasis.co  and view your account details in the Account Information box.


What should I do if I’m having problems accessing County TV Online?

Make sure that you have an active internet connection.

Check to see if you can access Country TV Online on another device, to determine whether the problem lies with the device itself.

Try using another internet browser, for example, Google Chrome; Windows Explorer; Microsoft Edge; Mozilla Firefox.

Try rebooting/resetting your device.

If the issue is still not resolved you will need to consult your IT Technician.


*Please note that if there is a temporary internal glitch affecting Country TV online you will see a notification message on the screen, and also on the login page. Rest assured we will be working on resolving the issue immediately it occurs.


Why has the episode I wanted to watch disappeared?

Some on-demand programmes have a limited rights period to be made available for viewing so will no longer be listed.


Can I download a show to watch later?

No, only online viewing of a show is possible.


The programme freezes and stutters. What do I do?

Pause the programme for a short time then start to play it again.  This is usually a sign that your internet speed has slowed usually temporarily.  Pausing helps your computer build up a “buffer” again.


What can I watch on Live TV?

Country TV Live 24/7.


What device can I watch Live TV on?

Any internet connected device with a browser such as a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.s.


Can I rewind a Live TV stream?

We are currently working on this feature and will update our answer when available.


How do I contact Country TV?

Please check out FAQ’s here in the first instance.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can email us at onlinehelp@countrytv.co.nz