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500 cows missing, $50,000 find for Taranaki farmer, NZ King Salmon and more

Posted on Wednesday 31st August, 2016 by admin

  500 cows have gone missing from an Ashburton dairy farm.   Pennie Saunders, the farm administrator, says it was noticed last week and they’re  absolutely gutted.   The herd of 1300 cattle diminished without anyone realising and Pennie Saunders says it’s likely the cows were stolen gradually over a period of time, rather than in one […]

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Fonterra raised its forecast payout, NZ posted first monthly trade deficit, Farming remains statistically NZs most dangerous industry sector

Posted on Monday 29th August, 2016 by admin

  Fonterra has raised its forecast payout to dairy farmers.   It’s gone up by 50 cents per kilogram of milks solids, taking the price to $4.75 for the current season.   When combined with the forecast dividend of between 50 to 60 cents a share, the total payout to Fonterra’s approximately 10,500 farmers is estimated at […]

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