Equestrian Schedule


TV GUIDE: 13th July 2016
6:00 am


Time: 6:00 am
Duration: 60 min
Genre Description: Agri-Business
Classification: G

A weekly round up of all the latest rural news, commodities and financial updates, as it affects Australian farmers. A Country TV exclusive.


TV GUIDE: 13th July 2016
7:00 am

Outdoors With Geoff

Time: 7:00 am
Duration: 30 min
Genre Description: Sports
Classification: 16C

An inspirational story of young Darryl Sabin continues as he tries his hand at trout fishing. Geoff travels back in time as he journeys into the wilderness in search of trophy trout. S11 Ep 5.


TV GUIDE: 13th July 2016
7:30 am