Equestrian Schedule


TV GUIDE: 6th February 2016
6:00 am

Garden Rambles

Time: 6:00 am
Duration: 60 min
Genre Description: Lifestyle
Classification: G

Celebrity gardener Michael Self explores gardens in their amazing variety from the tiniest balcony to fascinating garden wonderlands, also gardening tips from the comfort of Mike's couch. S12.


TV GUIDE: 6th February 2016
7:00 am

Advantage Horsemanship

Time: 7:00 am
Duration: 30 min
Genre Description: Equestrian Magazine
Classification: G

Scott Purdum offers a unique horse training program that teaches willingness, respect and communication between horse and rider. In this series watch how horses change people for the better. Ep 1. Pt 1.


TV GUIDE: 6th February 2016